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Aug. 28th, 2007

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all you need to know about me.

The Strawberry Blonde.

Title:The Strawberry Blonde
Pairing:No one yet
POV:1st/ JON
Summary:He's Jon Walker, he sees this everyday. He knows how to handle his emotions around the dead. "Year's of practice prove that they're the ones that feed off your pain. They consume you, your thoughts. I try to not let it get to me,"
Disclaimer:Nah, Jon wasn't born this early.
Author Notes:The result of some "alone time" on my porch with some pouches of capri sun and fireflies as my light source. =]

There's nothing I love moreCollapse )

Just another saturday night [rambling]

Just another Saturday night....
actually, scratch that, it's practically Sunday morning... not really but like in 45 minutes it will be...
And not to mention that this is really late for me, 
And to makes things worse,
my excema's acting up and I'm pretty sure i just scratched it down my arm,
my allergies are acting up, so not only are my outsides itching, my insides are too.
and it's not like you can scratch your esophogus or whatever anyway.
oh, and my nose is watering, and i want my bed. and i want to go home!
I feel so dirty! ahajdfhksdjhfsls;lifhg ..... =[

What lurks on the island [6/?]

Title: What lurks on the island [6/?]
POV: 3rd
Rating: R? Maybe... for being bloody and cursing
Pairing: Ryden's all i know, tbh, but I guess there's Joncer in there too.
Summary: you an pretty much guess the entire story from the intro.
Disclaimer: If they were really trapped on an island, they wouldn't be making music now would they?
A/N: You'd think this was the end, but it's not.

GO GO GOCollapse )

(Gerorginas secret) Part I + II

Georginas Secret, ( to be renamed)

Georgina Louise Paxton was born a healthy, beautiful baby.
Though all seemed well for a while, her mothers mental state made
it difficult for her and the servants to deal with her. Living an unbelievably
sheltered life, the nurses of the house held a dark secret about the child
among themselves. When young Georgina finally comes to a suitable
age for courting, the nurses are anything but nervous. With a secret
the size of Georginas looming over their shoulders, will she ever find
true happiness in the form of love? Will anyone love her for what she
truly is?

PRopz 2 ChR1$t1n3 4 R3@d1ng

Georgina's secretCollapse )
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